Saturday, August 13, 2011

You, Me, and the Internet.

Yo, guys.
You won't believe what horrors I've been going through.
If you get a time machine and step back into a time not so long ago, when a net connection meant speed as slow as a sloth, you'll find yourself in my shoes. This connection is KILLING me. So obviously, I haven't posted for a while, and that does not mean I haven't got a truck load of posts waiting for you guys. Followers should probably note that my email account has changed ( I had to get a new one because Google Chrome kept crashing when I typed in the old one!)
So anyway. I have a list of things to say.
1) About My Love Affair With Books: This blog is one of the few really awesome blogs I've seen from my region and I was shocked to see that Misha has left blogging. She has her reasons of course, but her blog was the first to tell the world about mine, and I salute her for being such a great support. I'll miss you, Misha.

2) About my writing: The My Writing page you see up there is updated with my stories now. Please read!

3) About Harry Potter: I am in Harry Potter Obsession: Stage Two. This is the stage where, four years after I thought I was sort of over HP, I go back to reading, re-reading and quoting (yes, dudes and dudettes) QUOTING, from Potter. I'm writing a Fanfiction to control all this HP-related energy, called the Deveraux Problem, link is on the My Writing Page.

4) About Facebook: No, I don't want to say anything about FB, right now, except that...has anyone tried Google Plus? :P

5) About Me:
General Obsessions at Present:
. Dystopian Novels.
. Stephen King's Dark Tower series
. Dishing dirt on badly written paranormal romances.
. Magnetic second studs.
. Glass Bangles ( I bought a lot of them today! Awesome! Do you know they look good with jeans?)
. Virtual Reality. (I don't know. I wanna write a story on this one.)
. Shadow Play. (ditto as above.)

6) About You
THANK YOU, thank you thank you, for staying with me throughout this gap. I am so sorry if some of your comments didn't get through, the whole account was all screwed up, but now we're on our feet again!

So here's a question: What color scheme should the blog's new design be? Blue, white, black....or yellow, black, green? Comment, please!

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