Sunday, April 24, 2011

Art website launch bash!

The art website is here! (CLICK)
Still half under construction, but you should be able to see a cool slideshow of my bookcover works! If you follow both the blogs, and if you comment on this post or on the blog saying you want an art piece from me, you MAY HAVE THE CHANCE TO GET BOOK COVERS DESIGNED FOR FREE! All this month and the next!
The site is!
This blog is to reach out to the independent authors, self-published authors and ebook houses in need of low cost book cover, promotional banners and buttons design.
I design professional quality artwork for books, as well as for your websites. Design projects include those for maps (as used in fantasy novels), artistic character sketches, slides for book trailers, book covers, buttons, promotional banners, beautiful wallpapers based on your book etc.
All this for BLOODY low prices! What's more- this first month, you can get freebies from me if you're lucky! Check out the samples and then feel free to contact me, either here as a comment, or on my reviews and fiction blog-

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