Monday, January 24, 2011

This is How my Hero looks- um, sorta!

The hero of Shaded Grey.
Not to sound stereotypical- but he's gorgeous (the character is, and so of course he's never completely well-representable). (Really, I'm a girl, and every girl wants the guy in her book to be gorgeous- agree?) Now, this model is from the stock of a wonderful stock provider on DeviantArt (deadsoldier stock) and I just loved the pose and the picture's clarity. Again, the model sort of met my requirements of K- he's in that stage between big and small in size, and stylish and completely photogenic. This is the best I can do for K. I did some brushing to make it look like a painting (because the guy had brown hair- unacceptable for K) and then used some brushes (the Euphoria brush set) and some stock background (Angelia61) for making this image.
This image comes in a lot of colors- I put the brightest (and my fave) here. The other images can be found on Facebook (I have a Facebook badge on the sidebar- did you guys see? If you're on FB, let's be friends!) and I'll put it up here as soon as the netbug making my connection slow loosens it's chokehold a little. I also did some work to the About/Contact page at the top of this blog- now it has an author photo (me!) plus a better description of the book, plus a note as to why my followers would NEVER regret following my blog! (I love you guys) 

I'm currently on the second chapter ! Updates coming soon!
(Please check out the About page- don't forget the FB badge- and also comment on this pic! If you've read a bit of Shaded already, tell me if it meets your idea of K!)

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