Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Okay, the new installment is long overdue, and I know it is.
Groan, groan, groan.
I had an issue with the manuscript and then another long and nasty one with the plot. Finally things seem to be a little settled between me and all the issues, and I guess I can post again pretty soon.
Maybe tonight if no other issues crop up.
I've been busy reading Stephen King's UNDER THE DOME, a terrific book with terrific plot twists, and have just about finished that high-octane read so I can soon begin my next one- a book by Helen Grant, called THE GLASS DEMON. I'll be putting up reviews soon of both, although I don't think any review can do justice to King's book- which should be read!!! 
More on SHADED coming soon!
The lovely and wonderful Misha has agreed to promote this book, and you can read what she had to say about it here
I also did a new and very surreal photomanipulation I call The Memory Lane (um, literally)

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